Gas Turbine

Our gas turbine actuator systems are available for new equipment installations or as retrofit modifications on your current GT systems.

BLAC INC. provides high speed, accuracy and reliability actuators for fuel gas valves, fuel bypass and isolation valves, and for stator vane control drives.  The fuel gas and stator vane actuators and controls are generally operated from a common Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU).  Both systems are available as self-contained unit also.

Also available are door or louver type damper drives and controls for the GT diverter damper with and HRSG.  These units have a combined seal air skid with redundant air blowers.  BLAC INC. provides long term operational guarantees for these systems.

BLAC INC. provides upgrade and repair capability for other manufacturer’s equipment for the above applications.  This includes the hydraulic power unit, hydraulic controls and the PLC control systems.  See SERVICES for more information


Gas Turbine Fuel Gas Controls


Gas Turbine HRSG Diverter Damper Controls