Boiler Valve and Damper Actuator Control Systems

The damper and valve actuator systems from BLAC INC. come with two different arrangements.  These arrangements are self contained and split unit type.

Self contained units incorporate all aspects of the hydraulic and control system for the actuator into one assembly.  These applications are generally used on smaller applications through 6,000 ft-lbs. (8,125 Nm)  and are typically louver or center shaft dampers.

Split unit has two separate entities, one being the hydraulic power and control unit, the other being the drive actuator assembly.  These units are generally incorporated into larger applications, where physical interferences provide limitations for access.  These applications are typically louver or door sheet type dampers.

These two assemblies are arranged differently, but have the same performance capabilities.  The actuators are provided with accuracies below 0.1% in variable speed modulating format and in on/off jog movements at 1-10 seconds full stroke.  They feature an emergency trip to fail-safe position and can be provided with virtually any torque or linear output range of force from 600 ft-lbs to 24,000 ft-lbs with larger systems available per request.

All area classifications for NEC or ATEX explosion proofing can be provided.


Self Contained Applications

Forced Draft Fan, Induced Draft Fan, Economizer Fan, Primary Air Fan, Stack


Split Unit Applications

Forced Draft Fan, Induced Draft Fan, SCR Isolation and Bypass, FGD Isolation and Bypass


Valve Actuators

BLAC INC. provides self contained and split unit hydraulic actuator systems for modulating and on-off services for any steam control or water control applications in the boiler.