Fluid Catalytic Cracking Actuator Systems


The hydraulic and control systems provided by BLAC INC. for FCCU applications include ball valves, slide valves, butterfly valves, rising stem type control valves, lift and turn plug valves and gate valves.  These valves can be hydraulically controlled in modulating and on-off configurations.

BLAC INC. also provides damper actuators for boilers and furnaces in self contained and split unit configurations.

Safety of operation and 100% reliability are the key design goals with 100% on-line performance expected.  Many developments for this industry market have been designed to assure the safety of plant personnel and to provide ultimate reliability of the systems and the plant operation.

BLAC INC. provides upgrade and repair capability for other manufacturer’s equipment for the above applications.  This includes the hydraulic power unit, hydraulic controls and the PLC control systems.  See SERVICES for more information

Butterfly Valve Actuators

BLAC INC. constructs two different types of butterfly valve actuators for FCCU applications depending upon the size of output torque delivered.


Slide and Plug Valve Actuators

BLAC INC. constructs three different slide valve actuator sizes and styles.


Hydraulic Control Units

Hydraulic control units are provided with specialized BLAC INC. technology for the hydraulic manifolds and the position control electronic assemblies.


Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic power units are available in a wide size range of reservoir capacities and motor power.