PSA, UOP Oleflex and UOP Parex Unit Valves


BLAC INC. provides a hydraulic solution for your Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) units to improve the valve speed of response, accuracy and reliability.  Control over system pressures in each vessel is critical and the improvement achieved with hydraulics over pneumatic gives your system stability during operation.  Long term operation can be achieved – over 10 years without a failure.

Hydraulic actuator solutions are available for Oleflex applications for compressor suction, antisurge and discharge valves.  With BLAC INC. equipment, accurate control of all valves to 0.1% is provided no matter the valve size.  Process control improvements are achieved because the valves move immediately when requested and do not overshoot.

UOP Parex applications for the rotary valve and pumparound/pusharound valves are provided with BLAC INC. long term operational guarantees.  Ultimate reliability and control accuracy your process valves, to achieve higher product purities, is our main objective.  Retrofit and upgrades of other suppliers equipment is available.