Valve Actuators

BLAC INC. hydraulic valve actuators are available as a self-contained unit or a split unit.  Self-contained units are fully operational actuator in a single package.  Split unit actuators have a hydraulic power unit mounted remote from the actuator.  The actuator is mounted directly to the operated device.  This is sometimes called a dedicated system, and is meant to drive one single actuator

BLAC INC. uses a patented hydraulic cylinder with a feedback device mounted in a patented thermowell, which allows the feedback device to be removed with the cylinder at pressure without loss of fluid pressure or fluid.

The actuators are accurate to 0.1% of stroke, even under loaded or varying loaded conditions.  Positioning response as fast or as slow as the process demands.  Stroking speeds available from 0.060 seconds full stroke to 3 minutes for most applications. Upon loss of power, loss of command input signal, loss of feedback signal, loss of directional compliance, actuator can drive to fail safe position (open, closed, or in place).

Rotary (also quarter turn) or linear drives are available.  Any degree of rotary motion with torque outputs 2,000 In-Lbs (225 NM) to 10,000,000 In-Lbs (1,129,300 NM).  Any linear motion from 2″ (50 mm) to 144 inches (3,660 mm) with thrust from 2,000 Lbs (450 N) to 800,000 Lbs (180,000 N).  Thrust or torque requirements of the process demands are met with no loss of speed or accuracy during transients or process upsets

All critical components are constructed from corrosion resistant materials, usually provided as anodized aluminum or stainless steel.  Guaranteed leak free service with patented leak free cylinder seals, manifold construction with captured O rings are provided with all equipment designs and options.