The power generation market sectors involve the fossil plants that are coal, gas or oil fired boilers, gas turbine plants, hydro electric plants, and geothermal plants.  Wind turbine plants have not yet been supplied by BLAC INC. but the many problems that have been encountered with failing hydraulic systems from other suppliers lead us to believe that the wind turbine market needs to utilize BLAC INC. actuator systems.

For the power generation market, BLAC INC. products cover a wide range of applications for ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, and plug valves.  We also control louver dampers, knifegate guillotine dampers, and door sheet type dampers.  Virtually any application of modulating controls for steam, gas or coal applications are available from BLAC INC. product lines.

Safety of operation and 100% reliability are the key design goals with 100% on-line performance expected.  Many developments for this industry market have been designed to assure the safety of plant personnel and to provide ultimate reliability of the systems and the plant operation.