BLAC INC. retrofits hydraulic control systems for steam turbines of any size to modern high performance electro-hydraulic (EH) systems.  The conversions are provided on low pressure control oil systems on steam turbines that have not been previously modified, or on high pressure EH systems that are out of date.  Turbine control systems provide all aspects of the system, including hydraulic power unit, hydraulic fluid conditioning system, hydraulic controls and PLC or analog electronic controls.  The applications for the steam turbines valves are governor control, main steam stop, main steam stop bypass, intercept, and reheat bypass valves.

Additional miscellaneous equipment is also provided to complete the retrofit, including P&ID modifications for dismantling, new P&ID modifications and full engineering retrofit for mechanical systems. Magnetic speed pickups, 60 tooth wheels, LVDT's, needed covers and blanking plates, engineered products to isolate old hydraulic control systems are offered.

Other off turbine applications are provided for the turbine bypass systems and turbine startup valves.  These systems are provided in self contained or in split unit hydraulic actuator format.  Safety and functionality is of the utmost goal in providing these equipment to the industry.

BLAC INC. provides upgrade and repair capability for other manufacturer’s equipment for the above applications.  This includes the hydraulic power unit, hydraulic controls and the PLC control systems.  See SERVICES for more information