blac inc hydraulic slide and plug valve actuator fccu fluid catalytic cracking system

BLAC INC. constructs three different styles of slide valve and plug valve actuators.

The first assemblies are single acme screw mechanical positioner designs that provide up through 35 tons force output.  Typical strokes and thrust for these actuators range from 12” to 36” stroke (305 mm – 914 mm) and thrusts from 12,000 lbsf (53,375 N) to 40,000 lbsf (177,920 N).

The second style has a mechanical positioner with two acme screws and provides force levels up through 100 tons force output.   The actuators are built with cylinders of 25,000 lbsf (111,200 N) to 160,000 lbsf (711,680 N) output.

The third size is for really large linear applications and provides a mechanical positioner that has two large acme screw assemblies with force output from 100,000 lbsf (444,800 N) to 1,000,000 lbsf (4,448,000 N).

All of the mechanical positioners from BLAC INC. can have the acme screws and the acme nuts disassembled and safely replaced while online.  The actuators are built with bearings, not bushings, and these can also be replaced while on line.  No other supplier can make these claims.

Actuators are all supplied with limit switches and feedback devices as specified, and all able to be removed, replaced and re-installed safely while on line.

Patented hydraulic cylinders are utilized which permit change of the seals completely while the cylinder is mounted to the mechanical positioner or mounting yoke.

Corrosion protection is primary consideration, so as much SS and bronze is used throughout the assemblies to make sure operation is able to always take place for all functions.