Hydraulic control units are the assembly that consists of any or all of the following components: the hydraulic control manifold, fluid storage accumulators, electronic control assembly, and instrumentation associated with the function or indication of operating conditions on the units.

Hydraulic control units are provided with specialized BLAC INC. technology for the hydraulic manifolds and the position control electronic assemblies.  The construction method is optimized for the end user and for maintenance staff, and all components necessary for operation are able to be changed safely on line

All hydraulic control units are built to safe area classifications as needed, ranging from NEC Class I, Groups B, C, D, Division 1 or 2  or ATEX area classes of Zone 1 or 2, Grps IIA,IIB, IIC, T3, T4.

Size capabilities range from small actuators to very large, high speed actuators.  Practically speaking, no other supplier in the world provides a wider range of position capability than BLAC INC.