Hydraulic power units are available in a wide size range of reservoir capacities and motor power.  The power units consist of a stainless steel fluid reservoir, two motors and pumps, a dual filter manifold assembly, and the pressure gauges, switches and transmitters as instrumentation to provide the needed information of operating condition.

The power units have stainless steel box tubing frames and all components are mounted inside the frame assembly.  The reservoirs are baffled type, 304 SS or 316 SS, large rectangular construction with level switches or transmitters, heaters in thermowells, and raised suction points for the pumps incorporated in the design.

The dual filter manifolds provide two pump input, relief valves and isolation check valves for each pump, two 3 micron filter elements, depressurization valves for each filter, and visual bleed valves for each filter. Versions are provided for single isolation valves for each side of each filter or dual isolation with bleed valves between for each filter.