As this new line type, Pneumatic, is newer to BLAC Inc. we bring with it our decades of experience and thousands of installations of hydraulic systems to the table with the pneumatic actuators. These Actuators and Limit Switch assemblies will afford us at BLAC to expand on what we have been doing for many years and that is β€œTo serve the needs of our customers in any way we can while trying to increase our foot print to allow BLAC INC. to become a one stop shop for all your actuator needs weather it is for Hydraulic or Pneumatic actuators.”

The actuators can be SIL 3 rated if so needed.

Only BLAC Inc. brings to its customers, a comprehensive range of product manufactured under an undivided roof.

As we can provide many different sizes and load ratings, if there is a pneumatic actuator that you need for a quarter turn valve we can supply it.