The intelligent purge control system, from BlacStone Technologies, is the best solution for precise control of purge flow to the FCCU standpipe and valve stem.  The purge flow must be controlled within a narrow range in order to be most effective.

BlacStone Technologies has developed an advanced intelligent purge control system that is integrated into the controls of slide valve electrohydraulic actuators.  This system uses some of the same technology as the BLAC INC. actuator systems.

The system consists of a flow meter, a manifold block, a pressure transmitter, a control valve, an assembly bypass valve and check valve.  The signals from the flow meter and pressure transmitter are transmitted to a PLC, which controls the proportioning flow control valve.  The flow of the purge media is monitored and an alarm generated if the valve position or flow deviates from the set point.

The flow set point is set via the HMI with the PLC assembly, which accurately controls the flow.  Alarms for high and low flows are sent back to the control room via Modbus.  Purge burst intervals can be set to provide high flow to clear any blockage, usually set for every 8 hours for 10 seconds.