Refining and Petrochemicals Industry

BLAC INC. provides modulating and specialty on-off valve and damper applications. Applications include ball valves, slide valves, butterfly valves, rising stem type control valves, lift and turn plug valves, gate valves, and hydraulic control systems to operate the plant to the process needs.


The pipeline market sector products supplied by BLAC INC. are primarily used for modulating and specialty on-off valve applications. Applications include ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves and rising stem type control valves. We provide hydraulic control systems to operate the plant to exactly the process needs.

Power Generation

For the power generation market, BLAC INC. products cover a wide range of applications for ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, and plug valves. We also control louver dampers, knifegate guillotine dampers, and door sheet type dampers. Virtually any application of modulating controls for steam, gas or coal applications are available from BLAC INC. product lines.

Valve Actuators

BLAC INC. hydraulic valve actuators are available as a self-contained unit or a split unit. Self-contained units are fully operational actuator in a single package. Split Unit actuators have a hydraulic power unit mounted remote from the actuator. The actuator is mounted directly to the operated device. This is sometimes called a dedicated system, and is meant to drive one single actuator.


Petrochemical and Refining Actuator, Hydraulic Power Unit and Control Systems. Innovative Design... Unique Field Services and Support.

Valve Actuators

BLAC INC. actuators are accurate to 0.1% of stroke, even under loaded or varying loaded conditions.  Positioning response as fast or as slow as the process demands.  Stroking speeds available from 0.060 seconds full stroke to 3 minutes for most applications.


Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic power units are available in a wide size range of reservoir capacities and motor power.  The power units consist of a stainless steel fluid reservoir, two motors and pumps, a dual filter manifold assembly, and the pressure gauges, switches and transmitters as instrumentation to provide the needed information of operating condition.


PLC Control Systems

BLAC INC. provides multiple control systems for all industries to operate on off or modulating valves and dampers.  These control systems range from analog type to PLC based units.  The PLC based units are primarily what is supplied on modern control systems, but BLAC INC. still supports all legacy products of analog design with original equipment components and PC boards.


Field Services

BLAC INC. has over 20 years experience in rebuilding, refurbishing and upgrading all manufacturers’ electro-hydraulic actuator systems.  We provide worldwide service for all of your actuator support needs.